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Spray Tanning & Sunbeds

Get that golden glow, all-year-round


Spray Tanning

If you want even-toned, bronze skin year round without having to bake in the sun or on a tanning bed, try spray tanning. We have an automated spray tanning booth to keep your privacy in mind.  

First, your therapist asks you how dark you would like your tan. 

The tanning solution is applied evenly in long, vertical strokes. 

Once the tan is dry, you can dress and your therapist explains how to care for your tan. 

Spray tanning is a fast and instantly-effective way to maintain sun-kissed skin, without the exposure to dangerous UV rays. 


We have 3 ergoline hybrid sunbeds, two lay-down beds and one standing.


We are proud members of the Sunbed Association which promotes safe tanning.


You need to be 18 years old or over to use the beds, which are 0.3 compliant. We also have collagen tubes in all 3 sunbeds.

Prices are 90p per minute.


30 minutes - £21.00

60 minutes - £39.00

90 minutes - £57.00

120 minutes - £74.00

Price per month: 

£70 (max 9 mins per day/off-peak 9:30-5pm)

£80 (max 12 mins per day/off-peak 9:30-5pm)

£90 (max 15 mins per day/off-peak 9:30-5pm)

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